Orlando (orli_b) wrote in teh_beautiful,

Voting Time... (:

Thanks so much to Av for bugging Britney to add me as a member... much thanks to you both!

Now, let's see if I did this right. Don't mind any mistakes... I haven't used a computer much until now. :)

Background Questions:

What is your name? : Orlando Bloom

Where are you from? : Canterbury, Kent, England

How old are you? : I am currently 27... I feel so old. :)

What are you famous for? : Making movies, mainly the Lord Of The Rings movies (Yes, I honor my part as Legolas :) ), and more recently Pirates Of The Caribbean has been a big hit.

Name your 5 favourite bands/musicians, and why are they your favourites? : Jamiroquai - They were my first concert.. I still love their video clip with the moving floor things; Michael Jackson - Mainly from the 'Thriller' days; Beck; Bob Dylan; Jurassic 5.

What's your favourite movie/TV show? : Stand By Me, definetely.

What are your favourite hobbies? : Anything with traveling, going for long walks... relaxing things really.

What is your favourite food? : I love Italian food. Pasta is amazing,

What is your favourite colour? : Yellow.

What was your favourite childhood cartoon? : I used to love watching Freakazoid...

More Personal Questions:

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? : Hopefully making more movies... I hope to be as big a Johnny Depp some day..

What is your definition of beauty? : Someone who's an all around nice and caring person. Beauty is what's on the inside.

What is beautiful about you? : About me? Hmm... I'd say my all around fun-loving self.

What is your best feature? (If you have a photo, please post)
My best feature is my eyes, at least I think they are:

What is your worst feature? (Again, post a photo if you have one)
Worst feature... Hmm... Possibly my nose?

Last but not Least:

Why do you want to be a member of the teh_beautiful community? : Because I want to meet some people online and figure out exactly what the 'net is all about... :)

How did you find out about the community? : From my good friend teh_avril . Love ya Av!

Please include at least three photos of your beautiful self!

And just because Av's got some kind of Legolas fetish, and 'cause I love her like a sister:

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Dude.. I'm sorry, but Legolas is HOT. Just as you are.. which is why I vote you IN! ^_^
Well thank you Av... you and you're Legolas fetish. ;)
I agree with Avril, Legolas is hot... so are you obviously. (:
I say yes!

Can I add you to my friends list?
I'll never understand why so many people think Legolas is hot and whatnot... maybe it's his ears...? And you sure can! I'll add you back. :)
There's just something about him, I mean, you.
But of course you get a yes from me! ^_^

Did you know that Johnny Depp has signed up for this community? He just hasn't posted yet.
He has? That's interesting... last I heard he was shooting some movie... but last I talked to him was ages ago.. *Makes mental note to call Johnny sometime*

And thanks for the vote Brit!
Probably joined for something to do during takes. Something mind numbing (:
Johnny Depp? THEE Johnny Depp? That man is too gorgeous for words... can't wait until he posts some things here. ^_^
He's amazing, I'll go bug him to post.
How can I possibly say no?

(by the way, do you mind if I add you to my friends list? =)
Sure can!
I vote a hell yeah!!!

Oooh, the guys are starting to roll in ...

It's a yes vote from me ;)
Well, this one's easy. Yes!

Welcome! (: