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Background Questions:
What is your name?
taylor hanson
Where are you from? oklahoma
How old are you? 21
What are you famous for? being in a band with two of my brothers
Name your 5 favourite bands/musicians, and why are they your favourites? there's too many to choose from, there's a ot of great artists out there right now - you just have to know where to look
What's your favourite movie/TV show? i don't get to watch much tv lately, we've been on tour for a long time
What are your favourite hobbies? writing music, listening to music... going out on the dirt bikes sometimes
What is your favourite food? i'll get back to you, mom just gave ike food poisoning
What is your favourite colour? blue
What was your favourite childhood cartoon? teenage mutant ninja turtles

More Personal Questions:
Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
hopefully promoting the next record, or the one after that ;o)
What is your definition of beauty? something positive, mostly emotionally driven. ehanced by an idea or a sight
What is beautiful about you? i don't know
What is your best feature? (If you have a photo, please post) i've been told my eyes enough times:

that's an old picture

What is your worst feature? (Again, post a photo if you have one) i don't know. probably my legs, but i don't have any 'good' photos of them

Last but not Least:
Why do you want to be a member of the teh_beautiful community?
cos my soon to be sister in law dared me
How did you find out about the community? her
Please include at least three photos of your beautiful self! here we go:

i like that one

from a music video

that's when carson from queer eye did us over
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