Orlando (orli_b) wrote in teh_beautiful,

Voting Time... (:

Thanks so much to Av for bugging Britney to add me as a member... much thanks to you both!

Now, let's see if I did this right. Don't mind any mistakes... I haven't used a computer much until now. :)

Background Questions:

What is your name? : Orlando Bloom

Where are you from? : Canterbury, Kent, England

How old are you? : I am currently 27... I feel so old. :)

What are you famous for? : Making movies, mainly the Lord Of The Rings movies (Yes, I honor my part as Legolas :) ), and more recently Pirates Of The Caribbean has been a big hit.

Name your 5 favourite bands/musicians, and why are they your favourites? : Jamiroquai - They were my first concert.. I still love their video clip with the moving floor things; Michael Jackson - Mainly from the 'Thriller' days; Beck; Bob Dylan; Jurassic 5.

What's your favourite movie/TV show? : Stand By Me, definetely.

What are your favourite hobbies? : Anything with traveling, going for long walks... relaxing things really.

What is your favourite food? : I love Italian food. Pasta is amazing,

What is your favourite colour? : Yellow.

What was your favourite childhood cartoon? : I used to love watching Freakazoid...

More Personal Questions:

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? : Hopefully making more movies... I hope to be as big a Johnny Depp some day..

What is your definition of beauty? : Someone who's an all around nice and caring person. Beauty is what's on the inside.

What is beautiful about you? : About me? Hmm... I'd say my all around fun-loving self.

What is your best feature? (If you have a photo, please post)
My best feature is my eyes, at least I think they are:

What is your worst feature? (Again, post a photo if you have one)
Worst feature... Hmm... Possibly my nose?

Last but not Least:

Why do you want to be a member of the teh_beautiful community? : Because I want to meet some people online and figure out exactly what the 'net is all about... :)

How did you find out about the community? : From my good friend teh_avril . Love ya Av!

Please include at least three photos of your beautiful self!

And just because Av's got some kind of Legolas fetish, and 'cause I love her like a sister:

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